Sri Aurobindo in his study room, 1950.

"By yoga we can rise out of falsehood into truth, out of weakness into force, out of pain and grief into bliss, out of bondage into freedom, out of death into immortality, out of imperfection into perfection, out of self-division into unity, out of Maya into God." Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga
"No synthesis of Yoga can be satisfying which does not, in its aim, reunite God and Nature in a liberated and perfected human life or, in its method, not only permit but favour the harmony of our inner and outer activities and experiences in the divine consummation of both.  For man is precisely that term and symbol of a higher Existence descended into the material world." Sri Aurobindo, The Hour of God.
Dyulok chariye nara narayan Sparshila aji dhuli Tar jaya gan chalo mora kari Sakala karma bhuli August 15th, 1945 God in human form
Descends from Heaven today
To touch and feel
The breath of earth-dust.
Comrades, His Victory
Let us proclaim, casting aside
All our world-responsibility-obligations.
Sri Aurobindo Sri Aurobindo Kandari tumi bhavataranir Ati manaser pratam dishari Juga avatar alo sharanir
Sri Aurobindo Sri Aurobindo, Sri Aurobindo,
You are the Pilot Supreme of the world-boat.
You are the first beckoning Hand of the Supermind.
O Avatar of the era, you have paved
The Light-flooded road for us to travel.
Sri Chinmoy