Sri Aurobindo in 1950.

"We are in an age, full of the throes of travail (...)  The world to-day presents the aspect of a huge cauldron of Medea in which all things are being cast, shredded into pieces, experimented on, combined and recombined either to perish and provide the scattered material of new forms or to emerge rejuvenated and changed for a fresh term of existence (...)  Indian Yoga, in its essence a special action or formulation of certain great powers of Nature, is potentially one of these dynamic elements of the future life of humanity (...)

The True and full object and utility of Yoga can only be accomplished when the conscious Yoga in man becomes, like the subconscious Yoga in Nature, outwardly conterminous with life itself and we can once more, looking out both on the path and the achievement, say in a more perfect and luminous sense:  "All life is Yoga"."

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga

[Then Savitri said:]

"All opposition seems and strife and chance
To eyes that see a part and miss the whole;
The surface men scan, the depths refuse their search:
A hybrid mystery challenges the vies,
Or a discouraging sordid miracle.
Yet in the exact Inconscient's stark conceit,
In the casual error of the world's ignorance
A plan, a hidden Intelligence is glimpsed.
There is a purpose in each stumble and fall,
Nature's most careless lolling is a pose
Preparing some forward step, some deep result (...)"

And Savitri replied to the dire God [of death]:

"Yes, I am human.  Yet shall man, by me,
Since in humanity waits his hour the God,
Trample thee down to reach the immortal heights,
Transcending grief and pain and fate and death.
Yes, my humanity is a mask of God:
He dwells in me, the mover of my acts,
Turning the great wheel of his cosmic work."

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri