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Andrés Ramon

The deeper I delve into the reality of being a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, aspiring to live a sincere spiritual life based on ancient Indian principles under the guidance of a spiritual teacher, the stronger my conviction becomes of this being a momentous and quite unique opportunity for personal growth and spiritual progress.

This Homepage is intended to be part of my spiritual practices or sadhana, a place of reflection celebrating the fulness of the spiritual life, a document and a testimony for my own self and for those willing to share my experiences, of the years of my inner life's conscious unfolding along with its influences on my outer activities as a student of Sri Chinmoy.

For it is one of the most fascinating traits of Sri Chinmoy's path to encourage a concomitant development of the individual's inner and outer faculties. The Sri Chinmoy Centre offers a sheltering environment under an encompassing spiritual light and a feeling of oneness within a world-wide social context; it aspires to offer individuals opportunities to fulfill their integral potentialities through both intense inner disciplines and multifarious outer activities. Thus it is my sincere hope that this page reflect the harvest that spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer have produced on personal literary, musical, academic and athletic endeavours.

Hopefully the journey along these pages will be as enjoyable, nourishing and variegated as the years as a spiritual seeker have personally proven to be.

Thanks for visiting!

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          Sri Aurobindo and The Life Divine
            (Portrait and text, June 2006)

          The Glacier-River Race
               (An Athletic Account, June 2006)

          Vedanta in H.D.Thoreau's Work
               (Thesis, June 2006)

          Vedanta im Werk Arthur Schopenhauers
               (Referat, juni 2006)

          Sólo el Sol
               (Poema, junio 2006)

            Flor de Dios
                (Poema, junio 2006)

          Ray of Effulgence Igniting Reality
              (Poem, 06.06.'05)
           Jishu Kristo (Song)
              (Audio Demo, Piano Arr., 30.04.'05)

           Sundara Hate Sundara Tumi (Song)
(Musical Score, Piano, 01.04.'05)